The Starkin Crown: Chronicles of Estelliana 3
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The Starkin Crown: Chronicles of Estelliana 3

Last, the smallest and the greatest... Though he must be lost before he can find, Though, before he sees, he must be blind, If he can find and if he can see, The true king of all he shall be. Prince Peregrine, rightful heir to the starkin and wildkin crowns, longs for adventure. But Vernisha the Vile, who seized the starkin throne, seeks to destroy Peregrine, his family, and all the wildkin of Ziva. With Stormlinn Castle under attack, Peregrine flees with his best friend, Jack, and Lady Grizelda - a starkin girl. Together they seek the Spear of the Storm King - the long-lost weapon which, it is prophesied, will destroy the starkin throne. But a hunter is on their tail and someone close doesn't want them to succeed...
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